Flexible and secure web development services

If maintaining and developing software is not your main business then why would you spend your time looking after a website or updating an order processing application when there are probably a hundred other things on your job list to do?

Whether you are looking to improve your existing web site, or to implement a new website to streamline your customer ordering experience Sauve Solutions is ready to assist.

[headline tag=”h2″ color=”color1″]Flexible and Secure Web Development Services[/headline]

Sauve Solutions has been providing web development services since 2009. The web sites and applications that have been produced are used globally by thousands of users and have passed the highest security and penetration testing requirements.

Our approach is built on 4 principles:

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  • Flexible process – working closely with you
  • Security – has to be built in from the start
  • Technology – use the right tools for rapid development
  • Value – cost effective services



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[headline tag=”h2″ color=”color1″]Flexible process[/headline]

All projects and companies are different, this is why Sauve Solutions has developed a flexible set of processes to ensure that they deliver the right result every time. Web development services are provided in a highly interactive way to ensure your continuous involvement as the work proceeds, this approach is enshrined in 4 steps:

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Sauve Solutions Interactive Development Process

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  • Understand – gain an understanding of what is required. Start at a high level and refine the details.
  • Develop – build a straw man of the solution as quickly as possible, as the work proceeds and the details are understood.
  • Validate – Sauve Solutions will make releases available frequently to enable you to validate the understanding and test the development work done.
  • Adapt – Based on the results of the validation stage, Sauve Solutions will adapt the understanding and update the development.


This is a continuous process that constantly improves the understanding of the development and makes sure tehy deliver working software to you that meets your goals and objectives.

This process delivers confidence that the project is on track and importantly accommodates changes as the project proceeds. By building software in small manageable steps Sauve Solutions enables early delivery of value.


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[headline tag=”h2″ color=”color1″]Security[/headline]

You will have seen many reports of hacking and stolen credentials. The internet is a highly unregulated place and you need the highest security possible. Sauve Solutions is a proven developer of highly secure websites – systems developed by Sauve Solutions have been validated in accordance with the UK Government CESG Check scheme. (CESG is the Information Security arm of GCHQ, and the National Technical Authority for Information Assurance within the UK)

Sauve Solutions has developed proven solutions for the most common types of attack that go further than the standard approaches built into typical frameworks to maximise security of your information.


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[headline tag=”h2″ color=”color1″]Technology[/headline]

Sauve Solutions specialises in PHP development. This is a proven development platform that runs many of the worlds largest and busiest web sites such as Facebook, Wikipedia and WordPress. You probably use a PHP powered website every single day.

Using PHP has the advantage that it is extremely flexible and can utilise a vast range of open source tools and libraries speeding up the overall development process. As the entire platform is open source PHP avoids any risk of lock-in and support skills are readily available.

Depending on your requirements Sauve Solutions will utilise proven frameworks such as WordPress for typical web site projects or the Laravel framework for more complex custom applications.

PHP is able to scale from the smallest website to very large systems supporting thousands of concurrent users and can be readily integrated with other systems in which you have already invested. You can run PHP on Windows or Linux, on servers in your offices or in the cloud. It can adapt readily as you grow.


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[headline tag=”h2″ color=”color1″]Value[/headline]

You will be investing in a web site to generate revenue, either directly through online shopping, or indirectly through providing company information, branding, marketing material or providing service management to your customers. Like every other part of your business your applications and web sites need to deliver value.

Sauve Solutions recognises the importance of this value to your business and helps ensure this in two ways.

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  • Value prioritisation – As a part of the understanding phase of our proven development approach Sauve solutions will work with you to prioritise development work based on value to your business.
  • Cost optimisation – Development obviously costs money, Sauve Solutions works with resources in both the UK and offshore (Based in The Philippines) however by using a blended team Sauve Solutions is able to bring down the overall costs of web development services while maintaining a strong local communication channel.